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Select the traits below to mint your artwork.

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About the Project


by Matto

"Metta" is an exploration of the interconnected world, visually represented through procedural patterns and Voronoi tessellations created through a process similar in principle to signed distance functions.
The patterns created in this project reflect life's intricate web, showing how individual entities, distinct yet interconnected, form a cohesive whole. The artwork's animation, driven by interaction between the entities, brings these connections to life, illustrating the dynamic nature of relationships.
In addition to the aesthetic display, the project is a metaphorical expression of the Metta philosophy. It invites viewers to contemplate the unseen connections in our lives and recognize the profound interconnectedness of all beings. "Metta" seeks to awaken a sense of unity and empathy in its mindful viewers, gently guiding them to appreciate the intricate web of relationships that form the fabric of our collective experience.
Coded in vanilla JS with love, by Matto.

By design, "Metta" will quickly unfold from emptiness, decelerate, and arrive at a pause, presenting the definitive image that symbolizes the token. This paused state can be toggled by double-clicking on the canvas or by pressing the spacebar.

Hotkeys for Interaction:
- Spacebar toggles the pause
- 'S' captures a snapshot of the current cycle
- '<' and '>' adjust the website background's brightness

Customization via URL Parameters:
- 'portrait=true' switches to a vertical aspect ratio (9x16)
- 'continuous=true' disables the initial pause feature
- 'huelock=true' disables the automatic hue shift
- 'interval=<0-1000>' sets the interval in milliseconds between draw cycles (defaults to 25)
- 'freeze=<1-?>' sets the cycle at which "Metta" will initially pause (defaults to 95)


CC BY-NC 4.0


Vanilla JS

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Apr 30, 2024, 5:00 PM UTC

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Ξ 0.01

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Apr 30, 2024, 6:00 PM UTC

Final Trait Price:

Ξ 0.002