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One Ring

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by Heeey

May 16, 2024

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Generative art is ephemeral.

With intrinsic.art you choose your favorite traits before you mint. After that, you can reclaim your traits and recombine them in new ways. Artwork on intrinsic.art can always be reborn.

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One Ring

It's just One Ring. There isn't much to it, or is there? How much variety can we find with a simple rotating ring that's formed by even bands of circles? Inspired by Tyler Hobbs & Indigo's QQL artwork, "One Ring" is an homage to the QQL algorithm and its nuclear element, the simple yet complex ring.

featured artwork

Phil Smith

Tack Line Torn

Tack Line Torn repeats the basic components of line and color to portray the wide range of outcomes that are possible when we lose control. The result is hard to predict, but the way we perceive our lot is influenced by the surroundings we've chosen. There can be both terror and beauty in chaos, both monotony and enlightenment in order.

featured artwork
featured artwork



"Metta" portrays life's intricate web through procedural patterns and Voronoi tessellations. The artwork's animation, driven by interaction between distinct yet interconnected entities, illustrates the dynamic nature of relationships and communities. Inspired by Metta philosophy, the artwork invites reflection on unity and empathy.